Timberwolf 190TVGTR

Type Length Width Height Weight
 Timberwolf 190TVGTR 3100 mm 1480 mm 2350 - 2750mm 1873 kg


  • Max material diameter: 190 mm,
  • Feeding: two pressure rollers,
  • Maximum power: 6.5 t / h,
  • Chassis: tracked, variable,
  • Engine: KUBOTA 4-cylinder. (Turbo diesel),
  • Engine power: 33 kW (45HP),
  • Knives: 2 knives, diameter 127 mm, fully hardened, swiveling,
  • Rotor diameter: 595 mm,
  • Rotor speed: 1,920 rpm,
  • Average chip size: 19 mm,
  • Average fuel consumption: 9 l / h,
  • Tank capacity: 51 l.

Main advantages:

  • Variable parameter setting for sloping terrain Wolftrack enables the machine operator to dynamically vary the width, height and slope of the machine in inaccessible terrain and hills,
  • Reliable and powerful Kubota turbo engine,
  • Split rotor cover for easy access to knife and rotor,
  • Knives - double-sided long blades with long lifetime. Usability of one set up to 500 hours. Without the need to adjust,
  • Thanks to ingenious rotor and knife design, the machine has a compact shape and the use of engine power is better compared to heavier and larger types,
  • The legendary NO STRESS CONTROL from Timberwolf - fast response time ensures high efficiency, productivity and constant output speed,
  • The proven design of the feed roller with interchangeable teeth ensures easy handling and long service life, 4 springs additionally add greater crushing capacity to the cylinder ,
  • The modular design of the feed funnel, the space where the rollers are mounted, the rotor cover, the engine compartment and the chassis provide exceptional strength, accessibility and easy maintenance,
  •  A pair of control buttons on both sides is easily accessible in any terrain and provides extraordinary safety,
  •  "Safety Plus" equipment - a robust safety bar combined with an additional STOP switch and, in addition, a reverse switch that operates independently of the safety rod, ensures maximum machine operator safety,
  • This machine can be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is capable of employing 4 people,
  • Adjustable discharge funnel rotates 270 degrees,
  •  Mobile platform for operating the machine.

Watch the video of Timberwolf 190TVGTR chipper.


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