Food Waste Dryer GOBI

Gobi dryers reduce the volume and weight of the waste up to 90%. Positive is space and storage saving and handling costs.

The operation is very simple. The dryer works almost unattended thanks to automatic temperature and humidity control until drying is complete and then the waste is crushed into a powder that is ready to be thrown out of the machine.


Use for:

  • cooked and uncooked meat and fish,
  • cooked and uncooked fruit and vegetables,
  • some packaged food,
  • some contaminated food.

The machines are manufactured from the capacity 50 kg per day (type G50 with 2 cycles of 25 kg) to 2000 kg per day (type G2000 with 2 cycles of 1000 kg). The cycle takes about 8 hours.


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