Modular collection yardsModular collection yards

Concrete modular construction Modulo Béton - a new generation of collection yards. Thanks to its flexible concept, Modulo Béton offers a solution that responds flexibly to the gradual increase in city population. It has 200% utilization: 100% on the surface and 100% under the one.

Modifiability, flexibility

Modulo Béton's flexibility makes it possible to build a practical solution tailored to suit its urban growth or even move it to another area. Concrete elements BCS B35 (XP P18-305 standard) are cast according to specific modules (2x3m, 3x3m, 3x4m ...). These prefabricated units offer several layout options from two to an unlimited number of containers. Depending on the capacity of the device, a number of access ramps are used. The payload capacity varies from 3.5 t to 29 t.


This unique and innovative collection yard concept has been approved by independent organizations and patented. The method of assembly and dimensions of the modular system were designed by top specialists. Modulo Béton provides a ten year warranty.

Price and time availability

Modulo Beton offers a very attractive ratio of quality and price. Due to their unique patented design, these collection yards have extremely low maintenance costs and a very long service life. The elements are transported in place by ground transport and subsequently assembled. Within three days after application of the paint and optional equipment, ready for operation.

High quality with respect to the environment

The use of inert minerals is a tried and tested approach to the environment. Assembly and disassembly are loss-free operations and allow reuse. The high thermal inertia of the concrete structure ensures two-hour fire resistance.

Surface and environmental integration options

Concrete is easy to maintain and shows no signs of wear or corrosion. In order to achieve optimal integration into the environment, concrete platforms may be partially hidden underground. Another option is also the surface treatment in accordance with the surrounding area or with landscape regulations - eg painting, grassing or green roof. The manufacturer takes into account all types of requirements for incorporating the structure into the environment.

Other options

  • Security against vandalism - closed concrete warehouse for special waste, gatehouse.
  • Safety - elevated areas are bounded by hot-dip galvanized handrail. Manual or automatic flaps from galvanized steel protect the user and also facilitate maintenance.
  • Floor heating - an anti-skid floor provides optimum safety, which can be increased by installing a floor heating system. Adjusting the electrical resistance in concrete ensures rapid snow melting on the platform and access ramps.
  • Personalization - a city or organization logo can be embossed the wall of the units.
  • Storage areas - the space under construction can be used as a warehouse (eg for special household waste, electrical waste, equipment, vehicles, etc.)
  • Guide rails under containers - handling of waste containers can be facilitated by the installation of guide rails, which also protects the floor.

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