In the winter season, they are used for spreading pavements with loose materials such as salt, sand, etc., in the summer used for lawn sowing and fertilizing.

Use at family houses, businesses, shops, gardens.




  • Light and handy,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Big wheels even for poor quality terrain,
  • Quantity control by the lever on the handle,
  • Spreader's steel frame painted,
  • Spreading disks made of durable plastic

Also see the video on how the spreader works.

Spreaders SA-type

In red and blue design with black frame.


Type Volume Weight Hopper colour
SA 15 15 l 5 kg red
SA 18 18 l 6 kg red
SA 19 19 l 5,9 kg red
SA 30 30 l 8 kg blue
SA 31 31 l 8,2 kg red
SA 31 T towed 31 l 8,2 kg red
SA 50 50 l 13,5 kg red
SA 50T towed 50 l 13,5 kg red


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