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ELKOPLAT CZ, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturing and trading company playing an important role in the field of metal and plastic products. The production capacity is particularly intended for our own manufacturing program and also for the customer manufacturing.

Our production and trading program includes :

Our company also runs inland and international road transport. We cooperate with a whole range of important domestic and international companies that we provide with the cargo transport within Europe.

The headquarters is located in Zlín, the operating division devoted to fibreglass production in Ostrata (near Zlín) and the operating division devoted to rotational moulding and metalworking in Bruntál.





Thermo-insulating roll-off containers

Thermo-insulating roll-off containers used mainly in building industry, for ex. to the storage of liquid asphalt. More information here.


Grid Bins Arrow

We have launched a new product - polyethylene grid bins Arrow. The grit bins are used for storing gritting material (e.g. sand, gravel, salt). The bins are suitable at busy places, which can be risky in the winter, i. e. at stops, housing estates, bridges, petrol stations, school…


Semi-Undergrounds Container SemiQ

The ELKOPLAST company introduces a new product - semi-underground containers SemiQ. Due to the increasing of waste production and to the high requirements for its condition and sorting, the collection spot capacity should be gradually increased as well, but they are often located…

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Certified quality

ELKOPLAST CZ is ISO 9001/14001 certified company

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