Fibreglass Production

Regarding fibreglass products, we provide full service including design and mould production. Our company offers fibreglass automotive spoilers, hoods and other automotive components, sanitary facilities including shower stalls and relaxing baths, tanks, grit bins etc.

The technology of hand lamination, resin transfer moulding (RTM) and fibreglass roving is used.

Characteristic of technology and products:

  • shape stability
  • long-life
  • high visible quality of the surface
  • possibility of incorporating various pivots, nuts, screws, logos, inscription etc.
  • various surface imitation
  • various colors
  • chemical durability
  • UV-resitant

Area of application:

  • agriculture
  • automotive / aerospace industry
  • cvil engineering
  • machanical engineering
  • sport equipment
  • storage, transport


  • covers, lids, wings, spoilers
  • water tanks, fuel tanks, chamical tanks, powdery material tanks,
  • boxes, cases, shelters, stands,
  • spill pallets, containers
  • septic tanks, water purifiers,
  • playground slides
  • boats.


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