Self-loading Disc Spreader SMA 750/1000/1500

Self-loading spreader built as a bucket. SMA is used for spreading sand, salt or grit. The spreading material is distributed by a feeding auger. Its quantity is determined by the speed of auger (controlled by the hydraulic flow regulator on the spreader).

The spreader can be mounted on front/back of the tractor or on the front-loader. To be used with the 3-point attachment with self-loading function a hydraulic adapter on the tractor is necessary  (length circa 50-110 cm).

A grinding rod is used for the constant movement of the material and its crushing before entering the auger.


  • hydraulic adapter for self loading (3-point),
  • cover curtain,
  • removable attachment for various systems: 3-point, HMV/Trima, Triangel, Volvo BM, Manitou, Bobcat, Atlas AR65.

Watch also the video below.


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Hana Faltýnková
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