Self-loading Disc Spreader TSA 1500

Used for large open areas as well as for roads. The quantity of material and the spreading width are adjusted independently (by el. remote control from the tractor cabin, can be set up by the hydraulic flow regulator on the spreader too). The spreading symmetry can be set up manually (standard) or hydraulically (option).

The unique of the spreader lies in its self-loading. The spreader disc is hydraulically retracted to protect itself and hydraulics completely.

The spreader can be mounted on front/back of the tractor or on the front-loader. To be used with the 3-point attachment with self-loading function a hydraulic adapter on the tractor is necessary  (length circa 50-110 cm).

The auger feeds the spreading material into the spreader disc. It can be reversed to release sucked material.


  • spreading symmetry set up hydraulically (tractor must be equipped with 4-output hydraulics),
  • hydraulic adapter for self-loading (3-point attachment),
  • curtain cover,
  • removable attachment for various systems: 3-point, HMV/Trima, Triangel, Volvo BM, Manitou, Bobcat, Atlas AR65.

Watch also the video below.


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