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The philosophy of composting with Big Hanna's compost is very easy - to provide people an effective solution for handling gastronomy waste directly at the site of this biowaste.

Composting with Big Hanna's composter allows us to close the natural loop of the local cycle. At the place where we live or work, we actively contribute to a sustainable life. The biological process  is purely natural at Big Hanna and the environment isn't burdened in any way.

By composting "in place", we create a source of nutrients from our biowaste. About 10% of the waste is recovered through the compost. And that is an investment in the environment that is unmistakably worthwhile.

Big Hanna composts have been installed around the world for over 20 years. Most devices work successfully in Europe in apartment houses, schools, hotels, conference centers and mountain resorts, in prison facilities. Big Hanna machines can also be found in North and South Pole Research Centers, military bases, environmental projects such as EDEN, for example in the O2 Arena in central London or in many schools in Sweden, the UK, Norway, France or Canada.

Our clients have high demands on the economic and functional aspects of their waste treatment solutions. We have a great deal of experience from a large number of our installations and we can guarantee that the whole process chain of the waste transformation process to the finished compost is done in the simplest possible way. The waste bin tipper and the input hopper are one of many options for composting according to your requirements.


  • input filling hopper (for T60 to T120),
  • crusher,
  • a standard 80-liter bin tipper (for the T480 and above),
  • temperature recording and cable monitoring (T60 to T480).
Type Length Width Height Volume Nr. of households
T40 1995 885 1515 75-100 kg/week 25-35
T60 2400 1080 1550 150-250 kg/week 55-70
T120 3900 1080 1550 300-500 kg/week 90-135
T240 5300 1400 1800 400-1200 kg/week 130-300
T480 6408 2000 2195 800-240 kg/week 275-650





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