Chippers and shreddersChippers and shredders

Wood chippers and shredders are designed for chipping /shredding a large number of woody plants (branches, trees, sawdust, garden waste, etc.). Processed material (chips) is used for mulching, composting or as fuel.

Timberwolf ( has been producing wood chippers since 1984 and since 1997 has maintained the position of the largest manufacturer of professional wood chippers in the UK. All the machines undergo a careful design, taking into account customer comments and careful fine tuning of all the details.

The range includes robust hydraulic chippers for 125-225 mm diameters (tracked, road towable and PTO versions), complemented by smaller gravity models (manual, towable or PTO versions).

The tracked, towable and manual versions come with their own drive (petrol or diesel), the PTO version is driven from the tractor's PTO shaft.

For selected types we offer:

  • Free demonstration of the machine and short-term rental,
  • Different financing options.
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Michal Forman
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