Timberwolf PTO150H

Type Length Width Height Weight
Timberwolf PTO150H 2880 mm 1110 mm 2165 mm 400 kg


  • Max material diameter: 150 mm,
  • Feeding: two pressure rollers,
  • Maximum power: 3 t / h,
  • PTO speed: 540 rpm,
  • Required engine power: 25 - 60 HP,
  • Knives: 2 knives, diameter 101 mm, fully hardened,
  • Rotor diameter: 460 mm,
  • Rotor speed: 2,209 rpm,
  • Average chip size: 12 mm.

Main advantages:

  • Knives - easy to access and replace, do not require adjustment, can be sharpened up to 10 times, up to 25 hours between sharpening,
  • Thanks to ingenious rotor and knife design, the machine has a compact shape and the use of engine power is better compared to heavier and larger types,
  • The legendary NO STRESS CONTROL from Timberwolf - fast response time ensures high efficiency, productivity and constant output speed,
  • Its own hydraulic system drives the feed rollers and is not dependent on the tractor hydraulics. Thanks to these features, the chipper is universally usable and independent of tractor tractor hydraulics.


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Michal Forman
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