Fibreglass Grit Bins

The grit bins are designed for storage of spreading material (sand, gravel, salt). They can be effectively located on frequented and in winter risky spots such as pavements, bus stops, housing areas, bridges, filling stations, schools, shopping centres etc. The material is temperature and chemical resistant and graffiti can be easily removed from the surface.

According to the customer's wish, logos, inscriptions, numbers etc. can be laminated directly into the surface of the grit bin.


  • fibreglass of high mechanical resistance,
  • hinges of stainless steel,
  • other parts are hot-dip galvanized,
  • various colours of the RAL scale,

Main advantages

  • long lifetime,
  • high shape stability,
  • easy transport,
  • at disuse stackable,
  • aesthetic design,
  • easy graffiti cleaning,


Type Height Width Depth Volume Weight
SBA 110 540 mm 695 mm 535 mm 110 l 12 kg
SBA 220 650 mm 885 mm 585 mm 220 l 15 kg
SBA 400 650 mm 1200 mm 800 mm 400 l 24 kg
SBA 420 735 mm 1100 mm 800 mm 420 l 22 kg
SBA 550 740 mm 1325 mm 980 mm 550 l 25 kg
SBA 750 930 mm 1325 mm 980 mm 750 l 30 kg
SBA 1100 990 mm 1635 mm 1220 mm 1100 l 50 kg


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