Spill pallets for small vessels

Spill pallets for small vessels are designed for containers and barrels for long-term storage.





  • board with cutouts for hands and holes for checking and inserting the pump,
  • can be used with or without the board,
  • non-slip surface of the board,
  • easy to clean,
  • stackable to facilitate transport and storage,
  • chemical resistant,
  • fully recyclable, chemically resistant PE, with UV stabilization.


Type Length Width Height Volume Weight
1840/CAN20 600 mm 400 mm 155 mm 20 l 3 kg
1840/CAN30 805 mm 405 mm 155 mm 30 l 4,5 kg
1840/CAN40 800 mm 600 mm 155 mm 40 l 6,5 kg
1840/CAN60 1000 mm 600 mm 175 mm 60 l 9 kg
1840/CAN100 1200 mm 800 mm 175 mm 100 l 14 kg


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