Spill Pallets, Work Platforms, Drum CradlesSpill Pallets, Work Platforms, Drum Cradles

Spill pallets and work platforms are designed to be used under containers and barrels with oils or chemicals in manufacturing plants, agricultural companies, warehouses, depots, workshops, ports, etc. They comply with regulations for the safe storage of majority of hazardous substances and resist corrosive environments. The pallets and platforms efficiently eliminate environmental damage in case of leaks/spillages. Removable grate provides easy cleaning.

The spill pallets are designed for long-term storage, whereas the platforms are used to capture  spillages during manipulation with the container content.

  • high resistance against most of chemicals, oils, acids, lye, etc.,
  • UV-stabilized, resistant against weather conditions and mechanical damage,
  • made of ecological polyethylene, stable in shape, do not corrode or etch,
  • low weight, fully recyclable.
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