VS 500-1000 l bucket containers

Robust construction: thickness of reinforced walls 4 to 5 mm, bottom thickness 6 mm.





  • Ideal for transporting and handling gravel, sand, shavings, pellets or snow piles, etc.,
  • specially designed for smooth insertion under bulk material,
  • delivery components: steel chain for attachment to the forklift truck to ensure handling of the container + nylon cable for attachment to the driver's seat used for manual opening of the container.


Volume length width height weight load capacity
500 l 1455 mm 1130 mm 567 mm 190 kg 2200 kg
750 l 1455 mm 1390 mm 567 mm 212 kg 2200 kg
1000 l 1740 mm 1640 mm 567 mm 272 kg 2200 kg



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