Diesel oil tank FDI 1000

FDI tank is designed for storing and dispensing of class III and IV combustible liquids. It consists of a square tank IBC made of highly stabilized HDPE plastic, rigid outer structure of galvanized metal mesh, and a plastic pallet with drainage system. It includes dispensing facilities, conveniently positioned on the base plate. It is UN certified and complies with ADR standards.



FDI tanks are designed to draw oil from the top of the tank and sealed up with a grommet, so there is no oil spillage around the hose and the filling. The tank can be transported. There is also a suction strainer with a return valve. The advantage over suction from the bottom of the tank is the impossibility of demage of the hose or the valve due to incorrect manipalation.

FDI 1000 is equipped with a pump 56 l / min, an automatic nozzle with holder, an anti-static fuel hose, a mechanical flowmeter, a filter with water separator and a scale with graduation of 100 liters.


  • Panther DC 12V pump,
  • Panther DC 24/12V pump.
order no. name vol. (l) power l x w x h (mm) weight (kg)
20161-00 Diesel oil tank FDI 1000/230 1000 230 V 1200 x 1000 x 1165 85
20162-00 Diesel oil tank FDI 1000/12 1000 12 V 1200 x 1000 x 1165 85
20163-00 Diesel oil tank FDI 1000/24 1000 24 V 1200 x 1000 x 1165 85


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