Other Liquid Storage Tanks

Constructed to store water and chemicals in agriculture, fruit and wine growing industry, manufacturing companies, etc.





  • overground installation,
  • single skinned (DC) or double skinned (CDC) version,
  • easily handleable thanks to their low weight (lifting eyes on the upper part - to be used for empty tank only),
  • outlet with 2" screw connection,
  • made of UV stabilized polyethylene (eliminates colour fading), food contact certified and resistant to majority of aggressive chemicals,
  • seamless technology guarantees perfect liquid tightness the whole tank lifetime through,
  • corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free,
  • DC version available in milky/green/blue colour, CDC v version in yellow,
  • fully recyclable,
  • 5-year guarantee.


  • escape valve DN50 (DC types only),
  • screwed joint with external thread in the upper part of the tank,
  • fixtures for mutual tank connection (DC types only),
  • electronic wireless liquid-level monitoring.


Type Diameter Height Volume Weight Manhole Filling hole
DC 5000 ø 2215 mm 1395 mm 5000 l 140 kg ø 540 mm ø 112 mm
DC 7000 ø 2215 mm 1990 mm 7000 l 200 kg ø 540 mm ø 112 mm
DC 9000 ø 2435 mm 2334 mm 9000 l 220 kg ø 380 mm ø 380 mm
CDC 7000 ø 2435 mm 2334 mm 7000 l 420 kg ø 540 mm ø 112 mm


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