Underground TanksUnderground Tanks

The NEPTUN underground tanks represent well-proven method of rain- and waste water management. They are made of high-quality polyethylene by rotational moulding method. When being installed underground, they do not require to be embedded in concrete, which significantly reduces installation costs. They can be installed in sand, gravel and clay. All tanks are fully self-supporting and their ribbed design provides exceptional strength.

Advantages of polyethylene compared to other materials

  • easy installation due to the low weight of the tank,
  • easy maintenance - PE is easy to clean as nothing sticks to it,
  • the roots can't break through polyethylene,
  • corrosion-resistant,
  • compared to PP, PE tanks maintain their mechanical performance better in low temperatures (they don't get frangible and consequently don't break).

These features result  in long lifetime and failure-free operation.


Rainwater collectors

Why not use the free water? It can save you up to 50% of household water consumption! Water price is constantly increasing nowadays. Using rainwater is a significant method of reducing running costs of family houses and recreational buildings. It can be used for garden watering,  car washing, toilet flushing or clothes washing (the utility water and the drinking water distribution systems are separated). You can save up to 50% of household water consumption. On top of that, the rainwater is "soft", therefore it does not cause lime-scale on the piping and equipment and also reduces detergent consumption.

Septic tanks

Drainless tanks with lockable lid on the inlet opening are used for collection of waste water, which is later collected and disposed by municipal sewage treatment plants.


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