Infiltration tunnels

Infiltration (drainage) tunnels with a volume of 300 liters for the retention of rainwater and its controlled drainage into the subsoil. Where there is no sewer, it serves as an overflow from a rainwater storage tank or drains water from the roof directly into the ground. They are also suitable where there is a need to reduce the load on the sewer network that drains rainwater to the wastewater treatment plant.

The required number of sections depends on the amount of rainfall, the area of the drainage area and also on the permeability of the soil.


  • the drainage system consists of one or more tunnel modules connected to each other and two end plates,
  • the system can be expanded at any time with additional tunnels as needed,
  • module volume 300 l,
  • variable assembly dimensions,
  • laying is carried out in one or more rows next to each other at the same depth level,
  • assembly of modules is simple, fast and variable,
  • assembly is possible without heavy equipment – 1 tunnel weighs only 11 kg,
  • pipes up to DN 300 (DN 100-150-200-300) can be connected,
  • the system can withstand a permanent load of 59 kN / m², which means that it can also be loaded by a truck,
  • 5 year warranty.

The infiltration tunnel assembly consists of:

  • tunnel,
  • 2 end pieces,
  • inspection shafts,
  • ventilation shafts DN 100.


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