Mobile Diesel Fuel TanksMobile Diesel Fuel Tanks

ELKOPLAST diesel oil tanks are used for the safe storage and controlled dispensing of diesel oil, eventually some other petroleum products. They are intended for all companies requiring local diesel oil filling for wholesale prices (carriers, farmers, forest-mining plants, industrial enterprises, etc.). They are also available in biodiesel and AdBlue version.

FDC diesel oil tanks have double housing The outer housing serves as an emergency tank (reservoir) and can hold 110% of the inner tank capacity. They are not firmly attached to the ground, and therefore do not require building license. They are made of UV resistant polyethylene, providing long service life and corrosion resistance. The seamless production technology eliminates the risk of tank rupture and weld leakage.  All tanks fulfill the sanitary standards for storage of class III combustibles with a flashpoint above 55 ° C, and they are certified according to EN13341 standard. They are fitted with lockable machine room, which contains integrated dispensing equipment for easy operation, including automatic nozzle providing protection against overflow.

Why should you get diesel oil tank from us? ELKOPLAST plastic diesel fuel tank brings you many benefits:

  • saves your time: diesel fuel is available at any time, directly at your location,
  • saves you money: you pay less for diesel by buying in bulk,
  • provides possibility to control the fuel consumption,
  • is lightweight and easily portable,
  • is corrosion-free, UV-resistant and does not require any paint coat,
  • is not firmly connected to the ground and therefore does not require building license,
  • the inner tank is made from one piece, there are no welds or seams on it,
  • dispensing equipment is safely stored in a lockable machine room,
  • provides possibility of controlled access for multiple users.

Warranty: 10 years on the plastic tank, 1 year on the dispensing and other equipment (electrical / electronic), unless stated otherwise.

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