ABR-HBI scrap containers

Containers specially designed for extremely demanding conditions of scrap companies. Higher initial investment versus much longer life. The bottom is made of 1 piece without connection, the sides of the container, the front, the door and the top hem are made of HARDOX 450. Containers with an internal height of 2400 mm have the sides reinforced with horizontal reinforcement from high-strength DOMEX 650.

Scrap containers often suffer during loading due to the impact of sharp and heavy pieces of iron. Over time, cracks form on the walls and bottom. This phenomenon has no chance with HBI containers.

Standard specifications:

  • according to German (DIN 30 722) standard,
  • hook, rope, chain tensioning system, or their combination,
  • HARDOX 450 sheet metal, 5 mm bottom, 4 mm walls (4/3 mm option),
  • continuous welds (except for bottom reinforcement, which is welded intermittently),
  • top hem - HARDOX 450, 3 mm,
  • rails and stretching IPN 180, rear frame formed by cylindrical profile UPN 180,
  • bottom reinforcement spacing 500 mm,
  • horizontal reinforcement from DOMEX 650 for containers with a height of 2400 mm,
  • connection of the sides and the bottom of the container, the so-called round corner,
  • the rear wall of the container consists of a two-part door,
  • closing the door with hook,
  • wheels and hinges provided with lubricators,
  • safety (central) door locking operated from the side of the container,
  • tarpaulin hooks,
  • ladder from 1250 mm internal height (meeting safety standards).


  • 4 mm bottom, 3 mm walls,
  • Dutch door closing,
  • rolling tarpaulin with tensioning straps.


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