Underground Containers

By installation of our containers, you  will be able to use the collection point space better and simultaneously improve its  aesthetic  appearance  and  tidiness.  They  are  suitable  for collecting  glass,  paper,  plastic  and  residual  mixed  municipal waste. Manufactured in accordance with EN 13071.

Our containers are characterized by aesthetic design, functionality, easy operation and long service life without maintenance. Their appearance  does  not  disturb  the  urban  development  but  they suitably complement it on the contrary.

Appropriate applications can also be found in areas with longer collection distances, as large capacity allows for an extension of the loading interval and a reduction in the cost of transport. Emptying 1 container takes 3-4 minutes. Bottom opening systems: pedal, double hook, or Kinshofer.

Our containers are made of steel  and embedded into  the ground,  protected  by  an  external  concrete  silo.  Total  volume variations include 3, 4, and 5 m3. Accessibility for authorised residents can be limited mechanically, electronically, or with a chipkey. Access data to the containers can be transmitted wirelessly to an operation centre.

Main advantages

  • a significantly higher collection point capacity, all the container capacity is moved underground,
  • collection frequency reduction, leading to lower costs and reducing negative impacts on the environment (less CO2 emissions, less noise and traffic),
  • all the waste is stored below the ground level with lower and  more stable temperature, slowing waste decomposition and odor reduction,
  • waste is stored up to a height of 2.7 m, resulting in better compaction by its own weight,
  • reduction of vandalism and the possibility of re-collecting waste, incl. access of animals,
  • aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the collection point that does not overflow with garbage,
  • access restriction using a card (option),
  • remote filling monitoring (option).

Parts of the underground container


The 1600 x 1600 mm platform comprises a pedestrian section of the container. Its surface treatment can be tiled, galvanized 4/6 mm steel with a structure to improve adhesion or other surface. 

Internal removable container

If separation in one container necessary, the internal space can be divided into 2 or 3 chambers. Its high durability and long lifespan is guaranteed by 3 mm hot-dip galvanized sheets.

Concrete silo

A robust 5 t cast from waterproof concrete protects the container from the pressure of the surrounding earth and groundwater that could result in container flooding.

Protection against falls into the outer silo

Protects  operating  personnel  and  citizens  from  falling  into  the outer silo. Customers can choose among a safety floor, double flap or wall enclosure.


Pillar – a visible, above-ground section of the container. Surface treatment comprises a powder-coating with anti-graffiti layer for easy removal of paint and stickers. The simple UNO pillar is designed in sizes S, M, and L. The DUO double pillars for selective collection in one container come in sizes S and M. Larger pillars allow for the use of larger inlet openings for larger waste. The tops of the pillars feature lifting system attachments of the 1/2/3 hooks or Kinshofer type.

Type Volume (m3) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
3 m3 3,0 1600 1600 2910
4 m3 4,0 1600 1600 3410
5 m3 5,0 1600 1600 3980



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