Underground Containers

By installing underground containers, you are able to better utilize the collection spot and to increase the aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the collection site at the same time that will not overflow with the garbage any more. Appropriate applications can also be found in areas with longer collection distances, as large capacity allows the prolongation of the collection interval and  reduction of the transport costs.

Design solution is the result of our own development taking into account not only appearance but also ergonomic aspects.

Main advantages:

  • better use of collection point,
  • cleanliness and appearance of the surroundings,
  • more efficient collection.


  • steel containers embedded in the ground and protected by external concrete silo,
  • total volume 3, 4 or 5 m3,
  • access for eligible residents may be restricted by a mechanical, electronic or chip key,
  • data with the access to the container can be transferred wirelessly to the operating center, to monitor the filling level and take care of the timely emptying of the containers.


  • using a hydraulic crane into large-capacity containers or vehicles equipped with a press container,
  • double hook, pedal or Kinshofer system.


  • suitable for collecting glass, paper, plastic and residual mixed municipal waste.

Parts of the underground container


Visible overground part of the container. Powder coated with anti-graffiti coating for easier removal of graffiti and stickers.


It forms the walking part of the container. The surface is made of tiles or galvanized steel with a structure to improve adhesion.

Underground part of the container

If necessary, the interior of the container is divided into 2 or 3 chambers.

Concrete silo

It protects the container from the pressure of surrounding soil and ground water, which would result in the container being casted out. It also prevents leaks from the container into the surrounding soil.

Safety floor

It automatically ejects after removing the container and prevents an accidental fall into the concrete silo.

Type Volume (m3) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
3 m3 3,0 1600 1600 2910
4 m3 4,0 1600 1600 3410
5 m3 5,0 1600 1600 3980



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