Transfer Stations

Transfer stations serve to reduce waste transport costs by decreasing their volume through compaction. They are comprised of a hopper, compactor unit, attaching containers, and a transfer system. After compaction, the waste is transported to an incineration plant, recycling plant, or landfill. 

The transfer station is designed and constructed so that it complies with all norms, and ensures the highest level of operating safety.

Safety elements include barriers, light barriers, and optical/acoustic warnings, among others. The station is operated using the panel in the control booth. Another panel is located at the compactor unit and is used for operations and maintenance.

For customers who do not have the option of filling a hopper from a ramp, we offer a large “spoon” as supplementary equipment to the compactor unit - the “spoon” remains at ground level until it is filled, after which it lifts and tips hydraulically, emptying the waste into the hopper.


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