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Position on the market

In our three production plants, we produce more than 2,000 pieces of large-volume containers a year, making us one of the leading manufacturers not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole of Central Europe. Our customers include not only municipalities and technical services but also major private companies and global corporations operating in the waste management sector, scrap metal, woodworking, construction and other companies.

Geographical activity

Our customers are located in 14 European countries, so we must be able to meet local standards and respect the customs of individual markets. We most often produce large-volume containers according to the German standard DIN 30722 or the French NF R 17-108.

Customized solutions

Thanks to an individual approach to customers, we supply containers tailored to their needs. Depending on the intended purpose and intensity of use, we recommend a suitable design in order to achieve a suitable ratio between durability, lifetime and reasonable acquisition costs. For a better idea, we would mention the standard design with side reinforcements, lightweight versions made of high-strength steels, or abrasion-resistant sheets for demanding operation (scrap metal, quarries, etc.), stackable or platform design.

Operational adaptations

In order to operatively respond to customer requirements and reduce the time from the first line on the drawing to the final drawings, including 3D models and the start of production, we invested considerable resources in equipping the design office with modern CAD software system.

Production under control

We maintain a high level of quality thanks to a comprehensive and thorough multi-stage control of individual production phases. Everything is standardized and confirmed by our ISO 9001 certification. Despite the strong competitive environment, our products are thus promoted thanks to their high utility value and quality of workshop processing.

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