Roll Packers

A roll packer serves to compact and reduce the volume of material in an open high-volume container. Crushing and compaction is carried out in layers through the movement of a specially-constructed heavy and durable packing roller. Designed for high-volume containers up to 6.6 m long and 2.5 m wide. The container can be continually filled with additional waste.




  • large-volume waste,
  • large-volume cartonboard,
  • wood cuttings,
  • EURO-pallets,
  • old furniture,
  • cans and metal packagings,
  • paper.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Value
Roller weight 1550 kg
Roller width 1700 mm
Roller diameter 1150 mm
Track length 6500 mm, adjustable for shorter containers
Working clearance height 6600 mm
Required space 1850 mm + container length
Exterior height of container max. 3100 mm
Space between rails 2560 mm
Rail length 4100 mm
Pocket distance 900 mm
Total weight 3200 kg
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz 5,5 kW
Safety 32 A, CEE outlet


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