Waste container filling monitoring DistSense


The DistSense device monitors fill level of waste containers in adjustable intervals. It uses infrared laser technology in order to lower energy consumption and increase battery life. To further refine measurment the laser beam direction and width could be adjusted. The device is wirelessly connected to the internet via an loT network, data transmission is encrypted, data are processed and stored in Cloud. Data could be then shared with customer platform or displayed in our web application.


Main Advantages


  • Continuously measures the fill levels. Tested for all major types of waste containers


  • Wirelessly connected via loT network, works on a battery that lasts for several years


  • Administration, graphic dashboard, reporting and history. Integration with customer IS

Wireless Sensors

  • Function: distance (up to 4 m), temperature, tilt, battery status
  • Battery: changeable 8500 mAh, 3 – 5 years of operation
  • Network: NB-IoT, SigFox
  • Installation: screws, magnet

Smart Application

  • Organization defi nition and access rights
  • Devices management & confi guration
  • Location of devices
  • Containers’ fill levels (in %, in cm)
  • Dump detection
  • Graphs, statistics, reports


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