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Mobile press containers and static compactors are an irreplaceable tool for reducing the volume of your municipal or industrial waste. The press unit allows for waste compaction to as low as 20 % of its original size. The horizontal ram run by an electro-hydraulic aggregate can handle a wide range of waste types. Our sturdy construction, use of high-durability materials, and reliable hydraulics guarantee a maximum compaction ratio and long service life of the entire unit.

Our Advantages

  • a wide range of standard compactors,
  • short delivery dates, loan or rental options,
  • internationally homologated units used in over 35 countries,
  • Dekra certification and CE marking,
  • over 1,100 units manufactured each year.

Our mobile press containers can be transported using hook or chain carriers. We offer a relatively wide range of mobile presses with regard to specific use, compactor location, or even the type of collection machinery. The following table lists the basic types of units. Press containers can be equipped with various accessories such as tipping devices, a special elevated hopper, various types of lids, dividing walls for compacting two types of waste in one container, an integrated ozonator, air conditioning for organic waste, among others.

Containers with a compaction chamber length of 1000 mm are the most popular, covering over 80% of the market. Models with longer compaction chambers and larger collection openings are suitable for larger waste dimensions. We offer specialised types for wet and organic waste. The compacting system of these, with their diagonal ram, is self-cleaning.

Common Specifications

  • ram power = 340 kN / max. 380 kN @ 5,5 kW 400 V/50 Hz,

  • phase converter,

  • quiet-running pump,

  • oil level and temperature sensor,
  • capacity indicator light: 75% and 100%,
  • hourly capacity: 114–145 m3,
  • loading edge 1450–1575 mm,
  • single/divided lid with gas springs,
  • compaction chamber floor and walls made of 8 mm high-strength steel,
  • container floor, walls, and roof made of 4 mm high-strength steel,
  • compaction plate guide made of self-lubricating polyamide,
  • three inspection doors of cylinder space (not available for wet waste version),
  • rear door: extra sturdy HD version / with side hinges (top hinges for wet waste versions),
  • spot blasted in accordance with Sa 2.5, 60 μm zinc oxide primer, 60 μ paint in RAL.

Hook System Specifications

  • hook system in accordance with DIN 30722-1 and other European norms,
  • typical container volume from 16 to 24 m3,
  • supplementary front rollers,
  • rear handling hook.

Chain System Specifications

  • chain system in accordance with DIN 30720 and other European norms,
  • container volume from 6 to 14 m3.


  • double lid with gas springs,
  • single/divided lid with electro-pneumatic props,
  • hoppers up to 1 m high,
  • combined hopper with a height of up to 1 m — made up of two sturdy side walls and safety bars + supplementary start/emergency stop panel,
  • control panel safety lid, incl. hanging lock,
  • 2.5 m long guide rails with stoppers,
  • guide rails, incl. 6 mm base plate,
  • rear door and inspection door, incl. rubber seal along the perimeter,
  • integrated 1100/770 litre container tipping device,
  • integrated 1100/770/240 litre container tipping device,
  • mobile 1100/770 litre container tipping device, incl. 1.5 kW motor, switch cabinet and hydraulic components, suitable for a standard loading edges of approx. 1700 mm,
  • HARDOX H 8/400 compaction chamber floor,
  • separate control panel with a “Harting” interface and a 3-metre cable,
  • choice of rear end position,
  • polyamide rollers,
  • 2” galvanized drain valve.
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