Steel Containers (for sorted collection)

SLD steel containers are characterized by extreme durability and are suitable for areas with a vandalism occurrence. Their rectangular design enables an optimal use of the collection point space.

The walls are made from galvanised plate and the supporting frame is hot-dip galvanised. The entire container is coated with a high-quality two-component RAL colour. The chutes on the opposite sides (glass/paper type) are protected with rubber rosette openings.

The bottom and the walls of the glass container are silenced on request. Our solution for the paper and plastic version (generally large waste) provides trouble-free unloading, which consists of consistent conducting of the unloading mechanism along the interior walls (when compared with the mechanism conducted through the centre of the container).


  • 1/2/3-chamber design (Mono, Duo, Triglo),
  • robust hot-dip galvanized supporting frame, galvanized sheet metal walls,
  • the container is emptied by the container bottom,
  • emptying with 2 or 3 rods, Type Kinshofer,
  • complying with EN 13071.


  • atypical inlet holes,
  • 2-chamber design,
  • soundproofed design.

PDF leaflet to download.


Type Volume (m3) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
SLD 2 2 1120 1200 1600
SLD 2,5 2,5 1370 1200 1600
SLD 3,0 3,0 1630 1200 1600
SLD 3,5 3,5 1900 1200 1600
SLD 4,0 4,0 2170 1200 1600

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