Hazardous Waste Containers

Containers are used for storage and transport of hazardous solid and loose substances in accordance with DR/RID/IMDG Directives.




Container ASP 800

Containers comply with the DIN 30741, section I, UN certification. Their robust construction (bottom from 2,5 mm thick sheet-metal, walls 2 mm, lid 2 mm corners 5 mm) assures durability and it is possible to handle with them by means of fork-lift truck or crane. The containers are hot-dip galvanized  and have pocket for documents at disposal.

Type Length Width Height Volume Weight
ASP 800 1200 mm 1000 mm 1240 mm 800 l 205 kg


  • furnished with a handle,
  • when opened, lockable at 75 degrees and blocked automatically at 270 degrees opening,
  • two locks on the lid,
  • lid springs for easy lid opening,
  • lockable.


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