Semi-underground Containers SemiQ

Due to the increasing of waste production and to the high requirements for its condition and sorting, the collection spot capacity should be gradually increased as well, but they are often located at places where every square meter is valuable.

Owing to using our semi-underground containers, you will be able to use the collection spot space better and, simultaneously improve its aesthetic appearance and cleanness. These containers can be even used in far areas as their large capacity enables longer collection intervals, therefore it reduces collection costs.

Their design is based on our own development taking into consideration not only their appearance but their ergonomic aspect as well.

Main advantages:

  • considerably higher collection capacity, ⅔ of the capacity is moved underground,
  • collection frequency reduction, leading to lower costs and negative impacts on the environment (reduction of emissions, noise and traffic),
  • most of the waste is stored below the ground where the temperature is constant, slowing waste decomposition and odor reducing,
  • waste is stored up to a height of 2.5 m, resulting in better compaction by its own weight,
  • reduction of vandalism and the possibility of re-collecting waste, incl. access of animals,
  • aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the collection point that does not overflow with garbage.


  • made of polyethylene,
  • all steel parts are hot dip galvanized,
  • they consist of an outer silo built in the ground (1350 mm) and an internal removable cylindrical container or plastic bag.


  • into large-volume containers or into vehicles with a pressing extension, using an hydraulic crane,
  • two-hooks, pedal or Kinshofer systems.


  • appropriate for the collection of glass, paper, plastics and residual municipal waste.

Basic version:

  • plastic bag or solid plastic/steel inner container,
  • standard lid of safety drum,
  • outer housing Wood or Urban


Type Diameter Height Volume
SemiQ 0.6 800 mm 2500 mm 600 l
SemiQ 1.5 1150 mm 2510 mm 1500 l
SemiQ 3.0 1500 mm 2700 mm 3000 l
SemiQ 5.0 1900 mm 2770 mm 5000 l



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