Fibreglass Containers (for sorted collection)

GFA and GFB containers represent well-proven method of selective collection of municipal waste. They meet the highest standards and confirm to EN norms. Quality is guaranteed by a five-year warranty, which we couldn't offer without using high-quality materials and superior surface treatment.

The containers are made of fibrerglass with high mechanical and chemical resistance and hot-dip galvanized steel. Thanks to the material, the containers are highly resistant to weathering. High quality gelcoats and their coating technology guarantee colour consistency and the ability to clean graffiti.

At client's request, we laminate directly to the container the logos, letter labels, etc.

Type Height Width Depth Volume Weight
GFA 1.5 1220 mm 1550 mm 1550 mm 1500 l 60 kg
GFA 2.5 1570 mm 1730 mm 1730 mm 2500 l 90 kg
GFA 3.0 1690 mm 1520 mm 1610 mm 3000 l 140 kg
GFA 3.2 2055 mm 1730 mm 1730 mm 3200 l 115 kg
GFA 3.3 1650 mm 2100 mm 1700 mm 3300 l 145 kg
GFA 4.0 1690 mm 1920 mm 1610 mm 4000 l 150 kg
GFA 300 1550 mm 835 mm 600 mm 300 l 40 kg
GFA 900 1550 mm 1055 mm 840 mm 900 l 45 kg
GFB 1.3 1550 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1300 l 80 kg
GFB 2.5 1760 mm 1400 mm 1400 mm 2500 l 100 kg
GFB 3.3 1800 mm 1680 mm 1680 mm 3300 l 125 kg
GFB 3.5 1820 mm 1550 mm 1830 mm 3500 l 180 kg
GFB 4.7 1820 mm 2080 mm 1830 mm 4700 l 220 kg



  • designed for selective collection of solid municipal waste.

Main advantages:

  • pre-sorting of valuable waste before their further treatment and processing,
  • space-saving arrangement compared to 1100-litre containers,
  • easy and efficient collection (one-man operation),
  • very long lifetime, high shape stability, aesthetically balanced appearance,
  • resistance to weather conditions (UV radiation, corrosion) and aggressive substances,
  • high shape and colour stability,
  • easy cleaning and graffiti removal.


  • container is lifted by a hydraulic crane and emptied through its bottom into a garbage collection truck,
  • various emptying systems are available (single, double & triple hook, mushroom etc.),
  • A-type - bottom hinges are positioned on the container perimeter,
  • B-type - bottom hinges are positioned on a joint central bracket,
  • draw-bars inside the container for paper or plastic collection are positioned along the inner walls for easy emptying.

Special modifications:

  •  inflammable construction,
  •  noise-reduction of glass collection,
  •  multi-compartment construction (Duo, Triglo models),
  •  customized throw-in holes (flap etc).


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