B-series is a basic line of single-chamber balers, which offer an excellent price-performance ratio and the quality and efficiency are still comparable to the X-series. The pressing power of the balers is from 3 up to 50 tonnes.

The "W" type balers feature extra wide filling opening, the "VD" type balers feature vertical filling door, providing ergonomic working posture.


The B3 is one of the smallest balers in our machine programme. With a very small base area and a 230V connection, it is easy to locate. To ensure the chamber is not overloaded, the B3 is equipped with a full-indicator which twinkles when the baler is full, and the press plate stays down. Furthermore the baling process is simplified as the straps can be pulled directly through the main door.


The B4 baler with a 4 t pressing force and a high stroke achieves a high compression ratio. Simple operation and very low noise levels are among its other benefits. The fill indicator announces the filling of the chamber and the readiness to bind the bale to the operator. The tipping of the bale takes place safely by a two-hand control located on the side of the press.

B5 W

The B5 W is a machine which has been constructed to service users with smaller amounts of waste, but who still need a machine to handle bulky materials. The machine is characterized by a very wide filling opening of 1 metre, which is an advantage when handling larger cardboard boxes. The chamber is equipped with rows of efficient barbs, which keep the material back and ensure optimum filling.

B20, B20 VD

The B20 is a highly flexible machine and can be used in many different situations eg. larger retail shops, stores and different industries. This baler has a wide filling opening for handling larger boxes, and the chamber is provided with rows of barbs, which keep the waste material down, even very expandable materials. The B20 is easy to operate and the traditional construction ensures low maintenance costs.


The B30 is a flexible machine and can be used for waste handling in larger retail shops and different industrial companies. The wide filling opening makes it easy to fill in larger boxes and other bulky waste. Rows of efficient barbs inside the chamber keep down the waste material, even very expandable materials like plastic. The B30 is easy to operate and has a full-indicator, which tells you when the chamber is full and ready for baling.


The B50 can be used in larger retail shops and various industrial companies. It has a strong press force and is designed for efficient waste handling of cardboard and dry soft plastic. The wide filling opening makes it easy to fill in larger boxes and other bulky waste. Rows of efficient barbs inside the chamber keep down the waste material, even very expandable materials like dry soft plastic.

PC24 HD Galvanized

The PC24 HD combines the pressing and dewatering of plastic bottles and aluminum cans in a single step. Residues are collected in a built-in tank. The PC24 HD compresses aluminum cans so compactly that they hold together.

Type B3 B4 B5 W B20 B30 B50 PC24 HD Galvanized
Press Force (t) 3 4 5 20 30 50 24
Power Supply 230 230 230 3x230/400 3x230/400 3x230/400 3x230/400
Motor (kW) 1.1 1.5 1.1 4.0 4.0 5.5 4.0
Noise Level (dB) 65-68 57-60 65-68 62-64 67 62-64 62-64
Cycle Time (sec) 24 28 33 36 45 26 40
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 940x715x1885 940x715x1985 1355x890x2370 1760x1025x2770 1755x1070x2940 1880x1320x3110 1135x1190x3010
Weight (kg) 290 300 600 1260 1500 1900 900
Filling Opening W x H (mm) 770x460 770x460 1000x500 1200x550 1200x610 1200x565 470x470
Filling  Height (mm) 640 640 915 965 1070 1165  
Chamber Height (mm) 1000 1000 1305 1410 1560 1600  
Stroke (mm) 550 650 750 750 750 900 1100
Bale Size L x W x H (mm) 770x500x600 770x500x600 1000x700x800 1200x800x850 1200x800x950 1200x800x1100 600x500x200-650
Bale Weight Cardboard (kg) 30-50 40-60 80-110 200-250 280-350 400-500  
Bale Weight Plastic (kg) 40-60 50-70 90-130 250-300 350-450 450-550

30-105 PET battles

15-55 Al cans

Watch video about B-series balares.





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