Containers for Hazardous Hospital Waste PACAZUR

Manufactured in highly resistant polypropylene, the PACAZUR are designed for the collection of infectious and cytotoxic waste including needles and sharp objects.

  • UN-approved for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail & Sea of clinical waste UN3291 according to latest ADR, RID & IMDG specifications.
  • Manufacturing controls certified by BVT & ensuring a manufacturing in conformity with approval certificates (ADR
  • Conformity to EN ISO 23907 certified by IBE-BVI : perforation, leakproofness, lifting, stability...
  • No risk of toxic emissions when incinerated. Sterilization tested at 134°C.

Why PACAZUR containers

  • PACAZUR containers are designed to encourage a use which preserves from musculoskeletal disorders and to prevent contamination and puncture risks.
  • Safe handling : 3 carrying handles integral with the box (2 lateral and one fronthandgrip independent from the lid).
  • Hinged lid (patented) : closure between 2 uses in compliance with ISO23907 requirements and without constraint for permanent closure.
  • Effortlessly inviolable closure without risk of compaction : 11 closing points (clips), snapped with only 2 fingers. Hot-Melt joint for leakproofness.
  • Great stability: large basis, foot print on the lid.
  • Handling aid stand with foot pedal lid-opening mechanism.
  • Traceability system : containers identified by a unique number (barecode).
  • Ergonomic Shape. User-friendly design.
  • Colours, palletisation and markings on request.

Lid with aperture (PO)

  • 1 aperture lid (ø 130mm) with 1 cap.
  • Leak-proof temporary and permanent closure.
  • Safe and easy to use (by screwing).
  • Patented system.


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