Hydraulic driven press containers

The press container is equipped with complete hydraulics for connection to the hydraulic pump of the vehicle. Required pump output typically 30-40 l/min. It also requires a 24 V power supply. Filling of the pressing chamber takes place with the help of a crane located on the vehicle. Manipulation of the press container using a standard hook system.




  • Rear flap with central mechanical locking.
  • The conical shape of the container allows for easy emptying.
  • Made according to the German DIN or French AFNOR standard (with appropriate hook height).
  • Surface treatment by sandblasting Sa 2.5, basic anti-corrosion coating and top coat according to RAL (approx. 60 + 60 microns).


  • Electro-hydraulic controlled rear flap.

Technical parameters:

Volume 10 - 24 m3
Length 4500 - 7200 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 2500 mm
Dimensions of the filling chamber 1800x2000x1400 mm
Dimensions of the filling chamber (clean) 1500x1900x600 mm
Throw height 2450 mm
Pressing force 320 kN
Time of 1 cycle of the press head* approx. 36 s, depending on the power of the hydraulic pump on the vehicle
Electrical supply 24 V DC
Weight 4000 - 5400 kg
Theor. capacity 261 m3/hod

* 4-5 cycles are typically needed to compress the contents of one container with a bottom emptying. 


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