Rubble Transport Version (ABR-HBS)

Designed for the transport of building rubble and aggregates. The containers are structurally designed with regard to maximum resistance in harsh conditions. They are made of high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel (HB 400/450), the solid upper hem of QSTE. For easy emptying, equipped as standard with a robust raised fl ap with massive locking. On request, we supply containers with a hydraulically operated flap. The raised front, which is also made of high-strength steel, protects the vehicle‘s cab in the demanding conditions in which this type of container is most often used.


  • made entirely of HB 400/450 steel with a thickness of 5 mm,
  • hook NH 1570/60,
  • IPN 180 reinforced frame,
  • top hem 5 mm/Qste 690,
  • floor reinforcements longitudinal with rails,
  • floor reinforcement profile U 100x70x5,
  • rear beam UPN 180,
  • raised front and dismountable flap door,
  • mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic operation of the flap door (type ABR-HBS-R).


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Suzan Šmídová
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