Rubble Transport Version (ABR-HDC)

The ABR-HDC range has similar features and design to the ABR-HBS range. The main difference lies in the different shaping of the container profile. These containers are extremely durable thanks to their strength and abrasion-resistant materials. Hardox floor 6 mm as standard, sidewalls and fl ap made of Hardox 4 mm. Standardly equipped with a raised flap with the possibility of mechanical or pneumatic locking to add.



  • design 6/4
  • hook NH 1570/60
  • top hem 5 mm/Qste 690
  • floor reinforcements longitudinal with rails
  • floor reinforcement profile U 150x50x5 S355
  • rear beam U 400x70x8 S355
  • rolls 2 pcs length 300 mm tube 159x8
  • door design flap KLHDC.


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