Stackable Version (ABR-STH)

Designed to transport rubble, soil and other materials. Easy to stack by means of a hook container truck, therefore several containers can be transported at once. They are equipped with a tilting ramp suspended by two strong springs.




  • according to German (DIN 30 722) or French (NF R 17-108) standards,
  • folding hook NS 1570/60,
  • floor 6 mm, side and 4 mm front, option 5/4
  • massive beaded hem, 100x80x6 S355,
  • side reinforcement pitch 750 mm, option 500 mm,
  • floor spacing 750 mm,
  • profile reinforcement floor, U 100x60x4
  • IPN intermediate reinforcement,
  • securing C in the skid,
  • rollers 2 pcs length 300 mm,
  • roller pin lubricated / diameter 40 mm (CR 300/40), option 50 mm (CR 300/50),
  • door version flap (KLP) 500 mm, option 2 wings (closing VSH),
  • tarpaulin hooks yes / 300 mm / 10mm,
  • lengths 5500/5750/6000/6250 mm,
  • height 650/750 mm,
  • width 2300 mm,
  • special rollers for stacking.


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