Standard Version, According to DIN (ABR-DSD)

Standard design containers are primarily intended for the collection and transport of general municipal and industrial waste. Suitable for transport and storage of loose material too.





  • acc. to the German (DIN 30 722) norm,
  • hook, cable, chain lifting system or a combination of thereof,
  • EN S235 or S355 steel, thickness 2 - 6 mm,
  • continuous welding (except for the bottom reinforcements where disconnected welding used),
  • top profile - square section 100 × 80 × 4 mm event. tube 89 × 6 mm,
  • rails and lifting made of IPN 180, rear frame of a rolled section UPN 180,
  • vertical reinforcements of sides and bottom beams U 100 × 60 × 3 mm,
  • spacing of 750 mm,
  • transition between sides and bottom 45, 90° or so called round corner,
  • the rear side of the container formed of double-wing, single-wing or flap door
  • wheels and hinges provided with grease cups,
  • central door locking operated from the side of the container,
  • tarpaulin hooks,
  • a ladder on containers with inner height min. 1 250 mm (fulfilling the safety norms).

Containers can be additionally fitted with:

  • two-piece sliding roof,
  • tilting roof operated mechanically or hydraulically,
  • spooling roof with fastening straps or fixed roof.


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