The X-series it a advanced line of single-chamber balers. The low overall height make the installation easy. A strong threaded spindle on the side of the baler ensures safety while opening the door. The very low noise level is also a great benefit. The pressing power reaches from 10 up to 50 tones.

The "AD" type feature automatic sliding door.



The X10 is suitable for smaller retail shops, industrial companies or other companies, who need a compact baler with high capacity. The compact design makes it ideal where space is limited. Equipped with cross cylinders, this machine offers superior press force but also a very low overall height. The X10 has a relatively large filling opening, making the daily operation as easy as possible.


The X25 is equipped with cross cylinders, which ensures stable compression, high pressing force and low total height. In conjunction with the long stroke, it is possible to achieve high weight of the bale. This baler is designed for easy maintenance - for example, the hydraulic unit is located under the side control panel.

X30, X30 AD

The X30 is suitable for retail shops and industrial companies with large quantities of waste. It is a compact machine with high capacity and superior press force. This baler has a very wide filling opening for handling larger boxes, making the daily operation as easy as possible. The finished bale can be tied with flat straps or steel wires. The AD model's sliding door opens automatically, giving a rational and quick filling of waste, and the horizontal handle provides an ergonomical working posture for the operator.

X40 Wide

Model X40 Wide is a low profile machine that fits installed under an 2,4 meter ceiling, and still makes a full 400 kg cardboard bale. This heavy duty low profile baler can handle plastic bottles, alu cans as well as cardboard and stretch wrap.



The X50 is designed for users, who demand a high quality machine with focus on reliability, superior press force, and a safe, functional working environment for the operator. It has a large filling opening and a fast cycle time, making the daily operation as rational as possible.

Type X10 X25 X30 X30 AD
Press Force (t) 10 25 30 30
Power Supply 3x230/400 3x230/400 3x230/400 3x230/400
Motor (kW) 4.0. 4.0 4.0 4.0
Noise Level (dB) 59-60 59-60 59-60 59-60
Cycle Time (sec) 12 23 25 25
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1250x1030x1900 1745x1260x1995 1745x1260x2295 1745x1390x2295
Weight (kg) 665 1410 1710 1840
Filling Opening L x W (mm) 800x610 1090x530 1090x655 1090x655
Filling Height (mm) 785 955 1130 1130
Chamber Height (mm) 1295 1380 1675 1675
Stroke (mm) 845 950 940 940
Bale Size L x W x H (mm) 800x600x600 1200x800x800 1200x800x1000 1200x800x1000
Bale Weight Cardboard (kg) 70-90 250-300 280-350 280-350
Bale Weight Plastic (kg) 80-110 300-400 350-450 350-450
Type X40 Wide X50
Press Force (t) 40 50
Power Supply 3x230/400 3x230/400
Motor (kW) 4.0 4.0.
Noise Level (dB) 59-60 71
Cycle Time (sec) 40 23
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 2080x1255x2355 1950x1400x2580
Weight (kg) 2200 2590
Filling Opening L x W (mm) 1415x520 1090x600
Filling Height (mm) 1175 1250
Chamber Height (mm) 1700 1710
Stroke (mm) 1090 1210
Bale Size L x W x H (mm) 1550x800x1100 1280x800x1100
Bale Weight Cardboard (kg) 375-550 400-450
Bale Weight Plastic (kg) 400-600 450-550

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